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Know your Numbers: Street Health Pop-up by Colette Thorns

On Saturday 11th June, Revival staff teamed up with GPs from Whitstable Medical Practice and Colette from @oysterpearl wellbeing outside Home Bargains at Estuary View .

It was a really successful and enjoyable morning for everyone.

Revival Staff had free homemade healthy snacks and fruit on offer, and chatted to shoppers about the good work being done in the community by Revival staff while patiently waiting for the go-ahead to reopen Revival Cafe in Whitstable Town.

Shoppers were also offered a blood pressure check and health advice from the medical staff and follow-up appointments offered where needed.

The overall opinion of the public was how great it was to have a blood pressure check so accessible and easy and also have the opportunity to chat with medical staff about health issues and get some useful advice. 

It’s so important for adults to know their blood pressure numbers which can be high but show no symptoms.

An unrecognised high blood pressure can be the cause of many diseases, so by knowing your numbers, making small lifestyle changes and using medication if needed, can reduce and prevent disease from occurring.

We are hoping to work with Whitstable Health Practice again and repeat the Pop-up health morning in the future.

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