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Mental Health Bank

Welcome to the Revival Mental Health Bank, a powerful initiative aiming to transform our community’s mental wellbeing and change lives through the provision of, free at the point of need, lifestyle, holistic and complementary wellbeing therapies and approaches, for all.

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The Mental Health Bank is a co-produced community response to the growing mental health crisis, working together to protect and improve local mental wellbeing. We hope to address many of the barriers to accessing alternative or complementary approaches such as financial, emotional, mental health struggles, anxiety, simply feeling it is not for you, or not knowing what a particular approach involves or how it can help.

The MHB allows people to try an approach for free without commitment, and hopefully they land on something that will suit and support them and then they can continue to access it through the MHB for as long as they and their practitioner agree is needed.

It harnesses the goodwill of experienced and qualified practitioners who are willing to gift their time for a few hours each month to offer their professional services to support community mental wellbeing. Revival will then host these sessions every week, providing open access to approaches that may otherwise be prohibitive. The skills on offer are incredibly wide ranging, spanning nutritional therapy, compassion therapy, yoga, pilates, Bowen therapy, hypnotherapy, reflexology and much more.

“Revival has always been about bringing the community together in support, understanding and acceptance. In launching the Mental Health Bank we are taking it one step further, creating a truly circular ‘give-back and thrive’ community.


We are acutely aware of the need to take action in the face of the current mental health crisis, and the Mental health Bank will do just this. Together we can open the door to therapies, approaches and practices that are free at the point of need, and have the power to transform lives.


We are proud to be able to offer this service to those in need and to help bridge the gap in mental health services.”

– Revival Executive Director, Deborah Haylett

The Mental Health Bank also creates a supportive community of practitioners at the same time. Many practitioners work by themselves and the MHB provides an opportunity to connect, network and create referral pathways that improve both practitioner and client experience.

We are incredibly grateful to all our practitioners for their generosity and commitment to supporting Revival, and community mental wellbeing.
Revival is committed to making a difference to those in need. We hope this will positively impact lives, one person at a time.

If you would like to support this initiative we would appreciate your donation, if you are a practitioner wanting to be involved please use our contact us form.

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