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Aims & Objectives

In 2016 Revival was set up by Mind in Bexley and East Kent and functions as a Social Enterprise café and wellbeing hub based in Whitstable and serving the Canterbury District.

Sitting within Mind in Bexley and East Kent, it is rooted in the local community and functions with devolved power via its community led Strategic Committee and Management Team.

This structure allows Revival to be community led and have greater responsiveness to local need with its own aims and objectives but staying aligned to the overall objectives of Mind in Bexley and East Kent.

Our Vision

“We strive to support our community with free, accessible mental health support and information in calm, inclusive and inviting surroundings with great food & music. Good food and services have the power to enhance our communities and transform our everyday lives”

Our Values:

Community & Connection

Welcoming & Friendly

Inclusivity & Accessibility

Empathy & Kindness

Motivation & Inspiration

We achieve our impact by working hard to provide a range of inclusive activities and initiatives that create opportunities for the community to come together in acceptance, understanding and support.

This is achieved via our community café and mental health hub. We work to reduce isolation, challenge stigma and improve understandings of mental health and wellbeing, empowering beneficiaries to explore and share the tools needed (and available) that can prevent deterioration in mental health or support their recovery.

We provide opportunities to work, train, volunteer, and connect in an accessible, responsive and environmentally sustainable local social enterprise café and mental health hub.