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Welcome to the Revival Donate page where you can help make a difference by investing in local mental health and wellbeing services.

We welcome all donations, large or small as every penny really does count.

Thank you for giving hope and comfort to those in need.

(Please note you do not require a PayPal account, when you click on the link you have the option to pay by Debit or credit card.)

We would love you to consider joining our other regular change-makers by becoming a Revival Proud Member (RPM). Click here for more information and to find out how to join.

Yes I want to support local mental health services!


Can pay for an hour of online training for a peer support worker.


Can pay for an hour of 1:1 goal orientated mentoring and support for a person in need.


Can pay for two weekly facilitated peer support groups and activities for up to 15 people.

£ Pay-It-Forward

Thank you for supporting the Revival Pay-It-Forward, supporting those in need

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Where your money goes: