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Guest Walker

My name is Jo Taylor, I have many hobbies I love in my life, nature, hiking and camping playing a major role. I love nothing more than going out hiking with my best friend, my partner Marv, we both love walking up mountains in the UK and enjoy trips away camping at wild sites and exploring the beauty of the UK. I walk with friends too, but I also enjoy my solitude and I think it is important to be comfortable with taking time by oneself, time for reflection.

My absolute love for nature goes hand in hand with my love of walking, I have always adored nature since I was a small child.  Listening to the sounds of nature, the wind rustling treetops, bird song, the flow of water and the scents of fragrant wild flowers from Bluebells to the beauty of a Fragrant Orchid.  The changing seasons and effects it has on landscapes, the varying bird life, and. the elements. There is not a better way to find your peace than a walk in nature.

I Have been a keen birdwatcher from around the age of ten years, and I love insects, especially dragonflies, damselflies, moths and butterflies.  I am no expert, but I love what I see and learn to identify species. Everyday is a school day and nature always gives something new to learn, seeing a bird/animal, insect and plant species for the first time is so exciting and also great learning.

I think most people have an experience of mental health at some point in their life and for me, nature  has her way of relieving me of any aches and pains associated.  I take myself outside, I will walk for miles and I allow myself to be embraced by her.  Her gentleness and her kindness sooth away any stresses, and negativity, instead replacing with strength, positivity and warmth.  Nature is medicine for the soul.

My walk will take us alongside the river Stour from Grove Ferry at the beautiful Stodmarsh Nature Reserve.  We will walk taking in the sounds and scents of nature, and hopefully seeing dragonfly and damselfly species as well as lots of birdlife.   The majestic Marsh Harriers are always a sight to behold at this time of year.

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