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Isabelle Defaut and Sarah Winn

Portrait Theatre

‘From me to me, to you’ is a devised show by Portrait Theatre for the Power of Women Arts Festival, Thanet and performed by Isabelle Defaut and Sarah Winn.

Isabelle and Sarah will be joining the women’s morning group at 10am on Wednesday 15th February at café Thirty Nine and asking group attendees to participate in writing a letter to their younger self.

This intimate, touching and hopeful show is created from letters written by women to their younger selves, addressing the hurdles that they have overcome and reflecting on how they have survived – and grown. From me to me, to you is a beautiful reminder that whatever we might be going through, lives and people change and adapt – and that “this too shall pass”.

After the show, the audience are invited to stay for an informal workshop to write a letter to their past or future self – it could be a wish for what’s to come, or forgiveness for what has passed.  The letter you write can be shared or not, whatever you prefer. Join us for this collective act of very personal reflection.

You can find out more about their work here,

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