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Wellbeing Transformational Coach

I spent many years from an early age trying to understand why people struggled so much, and searching for the best ways to have a happier and healthier life. I threw myself into a career in alternative health qualifying as a homeopath and craniosacral therapist and then went on to train as a transformational wellbeing coach. After many years still feeling like there was something more, I came across an understanding of how our minds work and that changed everything for me.

We’re all doing what makes sense to us
Every one of us feels like life is spinning out of control at times, but that does not mean there is something wrong with you, that you have something missing, that you’re broken or that you don’t have the ability to cope.

What if life could be simple?
What if experiences like anxiety, anger or overwhelm could be okay and not need ‘fixing’? What if feeling fulfilled and at ease with yourself required no forcing? What if you could achieve more, whilst striving less?

Find your way back to Wellbeing
It is the human condition to lose sight of our wellbeing, of this natural state of calm clear-headedness, but there is a reliable way back to it, that you can learn to access, any time you like. It is this that I will guide you to.

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