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Author, Book Coach and Lover of Words

JANET GROOM is an Author, Book Coach and Lover of Words. She knows first-hand how your stories and words can either crush you or be a powerful healing tool.

Growing up in the midst of ‘The Troubles’ in Northern Ireland, she found books were her constant companion, helping her escape reality to new worlds filled with marvellous mystery and magic. Her love of reading has now grown into a passion for writing.

Janet has to date published four books: her first fiction novel ‘The Naked Knitting Club: Book 1 – Casting On’, and two non-fiction: ‘Write to Heal’ and ‘Live the Rainbow’. At the beginning of the global pandemic, Janet brought together a group of 31 people from the UK and across the world, to compile ‘UPLIFT’ – a book filled with stories, poems and art to inspire hope.

As a book coach, she supports writers to plan, shape and hone their own stories ready for publication. She uses her writing skills along with her life coaching knowledge (Janet is also a qualified Life Coach and NLP & Hypnosis Practitioner) to ensure her clients reach their potential and overcome limiting beliefs to succeed in their personal writing goals.

Having recently returned to the UK, after living 15 years overseas (USA and Switzerland), she enjoys living by the sea on the Kent coast with her husband. She enjoys reading, baking and walking. Janet is currently studying for her Masters in Creative Writing at the University of Kent.

To find out more about working with Janet to write your own book, or join one of her writing workshops – please email her at

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