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Oyster Pearl Wellbeing

I am in the perfect position to help provide support, knowledge and skills in a small group workshop, a one-to-one or corporate setting, helping you to understand yourself, your personality type, your habits, identify your personal health goals and how you can achieve them through small changes in life style.

My career in the NHS began in the 1980s and I have worked in accident and emergency departments around the UK. After settling in Whitstable 21 years ago, I worked in local hospital outpatient clinics and more recently as a school nurse in a boarding school.

Because of my keen interest in the relationship between health and lifestyle I have continued to develop my wellbeing skills throughout my career and completed my health coaching course. Alongside this I attended a Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine course in London and I am a member of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

I also have a degree in health studies and continue to keep my practice up to date through reading, attending courses and conferences.

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