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Andy Capon is a Faversham based author of The Spire, a satirical account of life in his ‘semi-imaginary’ home town. What began life as a blog has now become a full-time business, with two books a year being produced, along with a range of merchandise, too.

But in 2017, Andy decided to take his own life and visited Beachy Head with a plan of jumping to his death. This decision followed ‘a lengthy and permanent depression which lasted two years.’ Luckily, Andy was talked out of jumping by police and the local chaplain, and eventually began rebuilding his life.

He has often spoken openly about his depression and suicidal thoughts on social media and hopes that his ‘relative success story’ may inspire others who may be having similar thoughts.

“If I can come back from the brink and rebuild a new life which includes starting my own business, anyone can.  I’m far from out of the woods yet, but one thing I learned which was hard to imagine at the time, was that it always gets better for everyone. I hope I can get this point across and maybe help others who were as desperate as I was”.

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