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A letter to you this Christmas time

Dear reader, 
As we head into the festive season, stress levels can start to rise for so many reasons. 
Maybe you are worried about the cost of everything right now, or you’re concerned about the
pressure of creating a perfect day, or having to spend time with family that trigger you.
Let’s face it, the list of stressors could be huge!
Today, I would like to invite you to shake off all of those worries and concerns and think about what
is truly important to you. I think this year, more than any, bringing Christmas back to the true
meaning, is vital.

What does Christmas mean to you? Christmas can mean different things to different people. Of
course, it is a time when Jesus was born and Christians celebrate his arrival. Or for you, it could be
the joy of being with people you love, taking time off work, or sitting by the fire with a good
Christmas movie.
This Christmas, I invite you to shake off the materialistic pressures of perfection, drinking too much
and spending more money than you have, because these are the things that can impact so massively
on your mental health.

When writing this letter, I had considered sharing ideas for managing stress over the festive season,
but instead, I would like you to consider, the concept called “Hygge”.

Hygge is word used by the Danish and Norwegians, which describes a mood of coziness, with
feelings of wellness and contentment.
It refers to “a form of everyday togetherness” that is an everyday experience, of safety, equality,
personal wholeness and spontaneous flow”.

What really jumps out of this defintion to me, is the importance of everyday togetherness.
And being able to share time and love, feeling safe and warm, which will bring enjoyment and

Christmas should be about, resting, resetting and restoring your mind and body and i think the
concept of Hygge helps us to bust the stressors, that risk snowballing a time of peace and joy.

So sit for a moment and think about this question…..”What are your needs and desires for Christmas
time and beyond?”

What ever you do, I wish you a blessed time and be true to yourself.

Tracey Allport

MOTH Therapies

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