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Writer and PR

Lorna has run her own business for nine years and has worked in media relations for over twenty years. She has worked with charities such as Mind, Crisis, The Children’s Society, Living Streets and The Eve Appeal.

Lorna has always championed mental health support and worked on the first ever ‘Time to Change’ #timetotalkday.

In 2018, Lorna lost her mum very suddenly, followed in quick succession by her dad. But it was what happened in the few months in between that really cracked open a conversation on grief. In this session, Lorna will share what happens when a simple tweet went viral and got everyone talking about kindness, love and grief and how managing her mental health is integral to her success.

Lorna moved to Whitstable after the loss of both her parents, starting again in a new town alone, and is currently working on a book about grief, love and life, which she started to write sitting in the old Revival Café at the Horsebridge and hopes to finish sitting the in the new one!

She sings in UK Soul Choir and describes the Whitstable community as being like ‘a warm hug’

Lorna lives with depression and was diagnosed after a particularly bad experience in 2006. She manages the condition, talks openly about her anxiety that can sometimes creep up on her, and how it has made her stronger than she believed she could ever be – honestly believing that writing has been a pathway to working out how she feels about stuff, and tackling it head on.

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