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Life Coach & Author

Kerry is a feisty, fearless coach with over 20 years of experience in transforming lives. Her clients know her for her bravery in asking the uncomfortable question, her sense of humour, and quick witted way she releases a deeper understanding of who they truly are.
It can be the hardest thing to say life isn’t working when you are seen to be powerful and successful to the outside world but inside you feel lonely, and disconnected. Kerry’s clients are successful, smart, strong minded women, who come to her to be held in a space where they get to speak their truth, and be held accountable.
Kerry’s curiosity about the why people do what they do, started with a Psych degree and what followed was a ten year education in human potential and peak performance. Known for DeKluttered® and her best-selling book ‘Life lessons from your knicker drawer’.

She moved to the beach nearly 20 years ago to follow her dream and lives there with her two gorgeous boys, two crazy dogs and two cats who rule them all. A deep and simple life.

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