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John Butterworth is a local artist living and working in Whitstable. John learnt very early on that the life of a penniless artist was not sustainable, and he has worked hard to balance the demands of providing a roof over his head and living expenses whilst still managing to prioritise his art. He has been painting for more than 40 years whilst also teaching in further education and secondary schools. He also works at the University of Kent as an Art Technician, and has also spent 10 years as a carer. As John says: “Knowing that painting is my passion really helps with focusing on how best to find room and space for it.”

Art is more than a process or final product for John, in his own words “my sanity resides in my art” and whilst at one time, due to deep sadness and family grief, he was unable to pick up a brush, it eventually became the one thing that helped him to reconnect with himself. John explores many feelings through his art and when there are conflicts in life that challenge his equilibrium, he finds solace and peace in his studio where he can be himself. In finding the balance in life and cherishing his passion John says he is now trying to treat everything else with clear mindedness rather than wishing time away.

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