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Lotus Therapies

Caroline knows only too well how stress and anxiety can affect the body and mind. Her first experience being the age of 5 suffering with paralysis of both her arms for 6 months.

For far too long people have concentrated mainly on Physical Health and whilst this is hugely important it is only HALF the picture. Mental Health is as important and in fact integral to people achieving their full potential.

As a Holistic Therapist Caroline looks at the WHOLE picture of our health, bringing to her treatments her years of both personal and professional insights. She will share her own journey with depression in her early 20’s, her experience with post natal depression after the birth of her first child and now supporting family members with their struggles coming out of the Pandemic.

With a passion for cold water swimming Caroline helped set up the Bubbletit Bluetits Coldwater swimming group here in Whitstable mid pandemic and has enjoyed hearing all the positive affects this form of therapy has had on peoples mental health.

Caroline runs Lotus Therapies Whitstable from a cabin in her garden where she offers a range of therapies to support your physical and mental wellbeing from Massage, Reflexology, Thai Massage to Yoga and Pilates. She also has her own Award Winning range of Natural Skincare aimed at menopausal women.

To book a therapy please contact via her website or to check out her skincare range

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